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I have worked as a personal trainer in the Seattle area for years.  My spare time is spent searching the darkest corners of my mind for whatever horrors, oddities, or fascinations may have found their way in, begging expression in my unique literary voice.


Also, I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life.  I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are worth writing about. I am a curious and proactive Author.

* April 2021 - Active Member of The Horror Writers' Association
* April 2021 - Contributing Writer -
* April 2021 - Contributing Writer - Prison Journalism Project



* September 2019 Writer of the Month: Horror Zine: Out on the Tracks.

* December 2019 Story of the Month: Terror House: Fun with Pedro.

* December 2019 Writer of the Month: Terror House: Fun with Pedro.

* Honorable Mention in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contes 3rd Quarter 2019: Andy.

* Honorable Mention in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest 3rd Quarter 2020: Jenna’s Solitude.

* 2019 Preliminary Ballot Bram Stoker Award: Highway Twenty.

* Finalist, Crystal Lake Flash Fiction Competition, June 2020: Sometimes They Die.

* Longlist, Dzanc Diverse Voices Prize: Beyond Bars.

* Winner, Cemetery Gates Society, February 2021: The Farthest Corner.


* "Andy." (Minutes Before Six. April 20th 2018) Received an Honorable Mention in the

L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest 2019.

* "War in the Meadows." (Minutes Before Six, April 11th 2019)

* "Out on the Tracks." Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Issue 77, July 2019, The Horror Zine Magazine, Summer/August 2019, The Electric Press Magazine, January 31st 2020 and The Siren’s Call Ezine Issue 49, March 27th 2020.

* Joey Paul Online. (Blog. June 28th 2019)

* "Kimberley's Bed." (Schlock Magazine. November 3rd 2019, University of Brighton Dissections The Journal of Contemporary Horror April 1st 2020 and Soteira Press Anthology "What Monsters Do for Love", April 2nd 2020)

* (Book Nerd Blog. November 11th 2019)
* (Guest Post Collaboration Blog. November 20th 2019)

* "Fun with Pedro." (Terror House Magazine. December 5th 2019 - December Story of the Month)

* "See Mommy Cry." (HellBound Books Publishing LLC Anthology. December 14th 2019)

*"Mrs Harrison’s New Coat." (Siren’s Call, Issue 48 December 2019)

*"1957." (Black Petals Horror/Science Fiction Magazine. January 15th 2020 and and Soteira Press Anthology "Horror USA Washington", March 1st 2020)

* "House on East 46th Street." (Terror Tales 2020)

* "The Journey" (University of Chicago The Awakenings Review, 2020 Issue)
*"Popcorn." (Transmundane Press. On Time Anthology, September 27th 2020)

* "Monica's Pain." (The Scribe Magazine. Issue 4 March 2021 and Between these Shores Literary and Arts Annual. December 2020)

* Bio as Self-Advertisement. (, July 22nd 2020)
* Submissions to Journals as a Form of Promotion. (,, Issue 374, July 2nd 2020

* Freelancing Writing Opportunity. (, July 2020)J M

* "Stuffy the Bear", Harvard College Children’s Stories, July 24th 2020
* "Cellophane." (Cemetery Gates Media, Places We Fear to Tread Anthology, September 16th 2020)

* "Halloween in Aston." (Horror Tree/Trembling With Fear Magazine, October 31st 2020)

* "The Intern." (Campfire Macabre, December 2020)

* "Baby First Steps.” (Dance of Death Publishing, December 2020)

* "The Ghost in the Shed" (Collective Tales Publishing, January 2021)

* “Jenna’s Solitude”, Received an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest, 3rd Quarter 2020.

* "Hangups." (Third Estate Art, Virtual Storytelling Event, March 6th, 2021)

* "The Farthest Corner." (Cemetery Gates Media Flash Fiction Winner February 2021)
* "Raised by a Cat." (Third Estate Art, Virtual Storytelling Event, March 6th, 2021)

* "Sometimes they Die" (Shallow Waters Anthology, April 16th 2021, Crystal Lake Publishing, Finalist Flash Fiction Competition, June 2020).

*"Outside the Dollar Store." (Nothing Ever Happens in Fox Hollow, April 27th 2020)
* "The Girl in Leggings" (Horror Zine, June 2021 and The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2021)

* "The Firm From Elsewhere" (Horror Zine Magazine Werewolf Anthology, June 2021)

* "The Mean Girl" (HellBound Anthology Dates from Hell, August 2021)

* Surreality (Skywatcher Press Terror Unleashed Anthology, Volume 2, October 24th 2021)

 The Girl in Leggings, Horror Zine Magazine

* Tomorrow is a Dream for the Hopeless. (Produced by The New Alchemist. June, 27th 2018)
* The Christensen Brothers. (Performed at the University Beyond Bars Graduation. November, 15th 2018 and produced by Open Door Playhouse, Los Angeles, June 16th 2021) published by Inkquills Cryptic Encounters June 28th 2020)

* Ninja Girl. (An adaptation of the book, performed by Earthseed Seattle on June 10th 2019)
* Hannah (Performed by the New Alchemists on June 12th 2019 and produced by Open Door Playhouse, Los Angeles, February 23rd 2021)

* Max Berry, On Stage Blog, Contributing Critic, June 21st, 2021, Review of “The Christensen Brothers” from Open Door Playhouse.

neider, June 23rd, 2021.

*ABC Television, A&E, Voices Magnified Prison Reform Recorded September 16th, 2020 and aired September 30th, 2020.

* HBO/Netflix 2021: Prison Abolition Initiative: March 2021.

* Brian Ross Investigates: Law and Crime Network, BrianRoss: Derek Chauvin Sentencing, June 23rd, 2021.

* They're Probably Going to Try to Kill Him: Inmate and Former Prison Warden Agree Derek Chauvin

Will be "Instant Target in Prison, Gemma Schneider, Law and Crime Network, June 23rd, 2021.

* The Marshall Project. (Ninja Girl is mentioned in the article, "Silencing Arthur Longworth," by Eli Hager: April 15th 2018)
* Wordpress. (After the Change is mentioned in the article, "The Importance of Prisoner Ownership," by Amber Fayefox Kim: March 8th 2019)

* Gingernuts of Horror. (After the Change is mentioned in the interview, "Five Minutes with Michael J Moore: March 11th 2019)

* Awesome Gang. (Author interview. April 8th 2019)

 * (Author interview. April 8th 2019)

* Book Reader Magazine. (Author interview. April 15th 2019 and Highway Twenty feature. December 19th 2019)

* Discount Book Man. (After the Change feature. April 29th 2019 and Highway Twenty feature. December 19th 2019)

* After the Change feature, April 11th 2019

* Functionally Fiction. (After the Change feature. May 14th 2019)

* Joey Paul Online. (Author Interview and After the Change review. June 14th 2019)

* Cara Reads. (Instagram Blogger review. June 23rd 2019)

*Teen Book Place. (Author Interview and After the Change feature. July 27th 2019)

* (After the Change feature. August 27th 2019)

* (After the Change review. September 12th 2019)
* The (After the Change review. October 10th 2019)

* Cococatani. (Highway Twenty review, November 20th 2019)

* Joey Paul Online. (Highway Twenty review. December 27th 2019)

* (Highway Twenty feature, December 30th 2019)

* (Highway Twenty review, January 3rd 2020)

* (Author Interview, January 13th 2020)

* (After the Change and Highway Twenty feature, January 15th 2020)

* (Highway Twenty review, January 5th, 2020, After the Change review March 17th 2020

and Lake City Way review, April 7th 2020)

* Ginger Nuts of Horror.  (Highway Twenty review. February 14th 2020)

*Prasad R Battu. (Author Interview. February 18th 2020)

* Panic Room Radio Show. (Author feature, Episode 177. February 20th 2020)

*, Olga Nunez. (Highway Twenty review, February 25th 2020)

* (Author Feature, March 2nd, 2020)

* DeGevallene (Author & Partner Feature and Highway Twenty review, March 2020)

* (Highway Twenty review, March 21st 2020)

* BarbaraVitelli. (Author interview, March 27th 2020)

* (Author Interview, March 27th 2020)
* (Author Meet & Greet, March 27th 2020 and April 3rd 2020)

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*Diabolic Shrimp. (After the Change Review, Joshua Grant, June 17th 2020)

* (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, Petrina Binney, July 10th 2020)
oore.* Emma Lee Reviews, The Blue Nib. (Highway Twenty Review, July 28th 2020)
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* Book Reviews by Satabdi. (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, October 3rd 2020)
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* Pop the Butterfly (Lake City Way Review, October 2nd, 2020)

* JDL Reads. (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, October 3rd 2020)
* The PT Turners Book Blog (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, October 3rd 2020)
* The Horror Report (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, October 3rd 2020)

*  The Hard Hat Booksite (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, October 2020)
* Amy Shannon (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, October 5th 2020)
* The Dark Side from the Inside (Lake City Way Ninja Girl Review, October 6th 2020)

* Lisas Books Gems and a Tarot (Lake City Way Review, October 8th, 2020)

* After the Change is introduced into curriculum by English professor, Megan Callow, of the University of Washington.


*April Eighth – quoted in The Huffington Post

April Eighth, September 11th 2020, Anthology of Covid-19

*Living in a Petri Dish – The Point Magazine and The Point Quarantine Journal Chapbook 2021

*What’s to Come in Our Prisons- CareCovid Art Resource Magazine


* Waiting to Die, I’m In Prison During A Pandemic, And It’s Tense. I Worry It May Soon Turn Deadly, Huffington Post 

* How a Community Rallied to Change Prison Rules during COVID, Yes Magazine

* At the Forefront of the Effort – Education, Liberal Currents, July 8th 2020 

* It Took a Riot, Stanford University Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic, June 6th 2020

Dispatch No. 31, Dispatches from Quarantine SF Creative Writing Institute, September 29th 2020

*It Took a Riot and To Take A Stand: Stanford University Life in Quarantine Noisefilter Podcast July 30th 2020

Apple Podcasts -

Spotify -

Google Podcasts -

PocketCasts -


* All of Us Inside Have Cried Out - George Floyd and the Trickledown Effect, The Marshall Project, July 24th 2020

* Officer Without a Name, The Prison Journalism Project, August 17th 2020

*Latinx Prisoners Take Self Help to a New Level, Prison Writers, August 20th 2020

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University of Idaho Quaranzine 2020 and CBS News

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NACLA (The North American Congress on Latin America), December 21st, 2020

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The Death of Sidney Potts at Monroe, The Prison Journalism Project, March 3rd 2021

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Featured on KPIX5 CBS SF Bay Area, April 7th 2021

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The Cruelty of Sentencing Enhancements, Anti-Racism Daily, 28 March 2022 

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* After the Change (published by MKM Bridge Press 2019 and nominated for Alex Award, Margaret A Edwards Award, Morris Award and Michael L Printz Award 2020)

* After the Change II (to be published 2020 by MKM Bridge Press)

* Highway Twenty (published by Hellbound Books 25 October 2019, nominated for Washington State Book Award, PEN/Faulkner Award and This is Horror Awards 2019 and placed on the Preliminary Ballot for Superior Achievement in a Novel for the Bram Stoker Award 2019)

*Secret Harbor (published by HellBound Books)

* Nightmares in Aston - Wicker Village  (publshed by World Castle Publishing 8 March 2021)

* Cinema 7 (to be published by HellBound Books)





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Michael's current work of fiction is a continuation of the Series "After the Change". 

Look out for all your favourite characters!

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"   Vincent Van Gogh

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